Sunday, December 2, 2012

Five Year Olds and Fuzzy Math

This morning my daughter told me that she had a dream that we had thousands of pet bunnies. She said that at night, all of the girl rabbits, of which there are 3, would sleep in her room with her. Meanwhile all of the boy rabbits, of which there were about 100, would sleep in mine and my husbands room along with the dog. Sounds cozy right?

So I asked her where all of the other bunnies slept. She asked me what I was talking about, so I reminded her that she told me we had thousands of bunnies and that she had only told me where 103 of them slept. She just rolled her eyes and said "Mom, 103 bunnies IS thousands of bunnies."

I'm so glad she could clear that up for me.

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