Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Adventures at Brasstown Bald

Back in April of 2010 Kaylee went on a hiking trip to Brasstown Bald with me, my cousin Andrea, and her now husband Mark. Assuming you don't know Mark, I will go ahead and tell you that he has the energy of a three year old, and since Kaylee was three at the time it worked out perfectly.

At that time, Kaylee thought pooting was great. She spent the whole trip singing songs about pooting which she made up herself and Mark provided sound effects to go with the songs.

When we got there I brought out the stroller so if Kaylee got tired I could push her. The problem was, she and Mark had bonded now thanks to the pooting songs so if Mark was walking, Kaylee was walking. Not only did she walk the whole trail, she pushed her own stroller.

The way up was mostly uneventful, but on the way down we learned a few things.
1. If you tell a three year old not to let go of the stroller, the first thing they will do is let go of said stroller.
2. If you let go of a stroller anywhere near a cliff, it will go over the edge. Luckily it was only about a 10 foot drop.

3. If Mark gets a walking stick, Kaylee gets a walking stick.

After we reached the car I gave Kaylee a bottle of water to drink. About an hour and a half later I realized she had spilled about half of the bottle in her car-seat and just sat in it the whole time, never saying a word. She was soaked from her thighs to the middle of her back and apparently she was just fine with that. 

When we stopped at a drugstore so I could run in and get something, probably related to Kaylee's water spill though I can't remember exactly what it was, I came out of the store to find Andrea giggling and Kaylee singing along to the song "So What" by Pink. She spent the next couple of months repeating the only lyrics she could remember from that song which were "I wanna start a fight!"

Who says hiking isn't an adventure? 

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