Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mom, You're in a Truck

A little while ago my car was in the shop for a couple of days and I was given a Chevy Silverado to drive. I normally drive a Chevy Equinox, which is much smaller than the full size truck making it an interesting experience.

One day Kaylee and were driving and we hit unexpected traffic. It wasn't a weekend, and we weren't near a mall or a red light, and there didn't appear to be a wreck or construction so I was puzzled about why we were just sitting. Finally Kaylee said "Mom, why are we just sitting here?" I told her "well, there are cars in front of us, I can't just climb over them" and she said "well there's no one on the sidewalk, and you're in a truck." So I asked her "Who have you seen drive on the sidewalk?!?!?!" and she responded "no one, I came up with it all by myself."

My child is never getting her license. Ever.

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