Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kaylee's First Crush

There is a little boy, Jacob, in my daughter's karate class that we always joke is her first "crush." She's not really old enough to understand about boy-girl relationships, but the two of them interacting before and after class is just adorable.

The instructors will frequently have the kids form lines with one line being girls and one line being boys, and the girls line is almost always shorter than the boys. When that happens sometimes the instructors will let the girls pick who will join their line to even the two groups up. Whenever Jacob is there, that's who Kaylee picks.

Tonight the instructors had them line up twice, the first time Kaylee was allowed to pick Jacob. The second time, the instructor said that the girls couldn't say the same name as before. When he got to Kaylee she said "Jake" and the instructor reminded her she had to pick someone different this time, and she sighed and picked another boy.

After class I reminded her how she needed to work on paying attention in class, and asked her why she said Jacob again even after the instructor said they couldn't pick the same boy. She said "but mom, I didn't say the same name twice. The first time I said Jacob, and the second time I called him Jake."

That's my child, always finding the loopholes and fighting the man...

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